WordPress eCommerce

WordPress ecommerce with Woocommerce is a powerful system to running your online business. other than eCommerce, WordPress can transform your website into any business solutions. here what you can do by using WordPress other than eCommerce.

WordPress has many functionalities to transform your website to became portfolio website, blogs, news or forum If you don’t have any website you should create your website today! it has much great beneficial for your business and your portfolio.
If you have No prior experience in programming, development, design, and much more as what most people think before the solutions are using WordPress.

First, you must think why must WordPress. is WordPress are Stable Platform?

this might be your first question to ask if you want to roadmap your website for a long run.

There is no doubt the best website platform for running a website in the market is now WordPress, as open source and program using PHP language.

Currently, WordPress as CMS platform is used by 58.5% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 27.3% of all websites statistic by W3tech.com.This is a huge number and a giant beside of the popularity you can easily find plugins, themes, and their growing communities on the internet.

With WordPress install in your hosting, you can have your website add/edit/delete easily without the need to know any coding of PHP. Since it’s designed as open source and it’s FREE, you can host the coding by yourself all you just need to download the code and host into your web hosting. if you have difficulties you might want to use WPEngine.

Why you need Host your website with WPEngine?

The skillset in my previous article 16 considerations starting ecommerce website  make people think twice if want to host website if they create everything all by their own and thanks to WPEngine that they realized the problems what people facing. since WordPress has popular demand and keep growing they provide this solution as cloud solutions and help Entrepreneur or small business can continue to concentrate on their own business without worry about system downtime, getting attack by hacker or anything related to your server system.
They provide free 60 days free trial to use their system. my recommend is you can just use the system for free and try their world class support.
they help to transfer your website to their hosting if previously you already have a website. talk to their support if you need any help.

Next, What WordPress can do?

Once you already have WPEngine as your hosting, here you can start some website with this business idea below, I include the download of the plugins and themes in below:

1. WordPress Blogs/News/Portfolio/Corporate Website

Using WordPress to create a portfolio, blogs, news or corporate website are very easy, all you need is just download the theme to make user-friendly, I suggest you use a theme that supports mobile version and use plugin will make your website have more flexibility.
if only need a theme I suggest you check this articles to get Cheap Premium WordPress Themes.

2. WordPress Forums

WordPress can transform your website to be internet forum you can use this forum plugins
WP Symposium
CM Answers
DW question Answer

3. WordPress Classified

Thinking of running some listing website or classifieds ads ? with WordPress then you can consider using this solution below. this collection below does not only change the template or look only. but they code is embed with the framework and has functionality for your business.

4. WordPress eCommerce

If you want to use your website as selling product by using WordPress as eCommerce Platform all you need to download 3rd party plugins and integrate with WordPress. The most well-known E-commerce plugins for WordPress is Woocommerce.
Woocommerce is a 3rd party plugin which transforms your website into a full e-commerce site, so it will have the functionality to sell your product online with features product price, shipping method, payment method, control your inventory and still many other things.

Using woocommerce in your WordPress as WordPress eCommerce is not a mandatory option if you are selling simple items without the need to control your inventory or don’t have any complex delivery or payment method, You can just-just upload your product image and integrate with some payment processor like PayPal into the website. But if you have complex and many items that need to sell into your website including control your inventory, different delivery method, payment option then woocommerce is a wise decision. it’s free to download Woocommerce plugin you can download woocommerce newest version.

Woocommerce is an awesome plugin for running website e-commerce, they will keep releasing their own plugins and themes that suitable to running your e-commerce business by using WordPress platform. they bundle their plugins and themes with FREE and PAID version. the PAID Version has more functionality compare with the free version. and the good things is with PAID version you will have access to their support. using woocommerce as WordPress eCommerce system it’s solid if using WPEngine as your hosting provider. it will bring you a great beneficial to Starting an Online Business using WordPress platform.


WordPress as open source click here to FREE download WordPress and host it on your own server. as I mention earlier not all server and host has same function and feature including the reliability and support. make sure you use WordPress from WPEngine. supported by their world class support.

WordPress as CMS Platform it’s Suitable for people or company would like to run their website to deliver the message and services.
WordPress is Suitable for:
– Show Portfolio
– Corporate Website
– Blogs & Share News
– Show information Services
– as eCommerce system
– other functionality
all you just need to install the plugins and themes. the plugins or themes can be free or PAID (premium version) then host it to WPengine with 60 days free trial.
Code from WordPress or Woocommerce some is free but there have some limitation services. for premium features in the plugins, support or themes you need to pay to the vendor.

Other Solutions

There are many ways to build a website, this article is to discuss using WordPress check this articles if you are looking for Alternative solutions for Web Solutions