Update of My Affiliate Marketing Activity in this January 2016

it’s time for update since it’s already end of this month of January 2016, i’m writing this article to keep track of My Affiliate Marketing Activity what i had done in January 2016

Update of Internet Marketing

My Affiliate Programs activity, for this month i have register as MOBE (My Online Business Education) member, It will start by tomorrow 29th January 2015 for 3 days.
 I have setup my website Agus Halim and make some investment in software for my business.
I’m start with investing in Landing Pages Software, Email Autoresponder Service , Link Tracking Services, Ezines Directory as my investment in this Affiliate Programs business.
My Previous Month December 2015, i had written some Kindle Ebooks in Amazon KDP, i will update the progress on another post.

Landing Pages

My Landing Pages Software i’m using Funnelkit Go Developer License it’s allow me to use my landing page in unlimited domain with one timed payment only. with this software i buy together with the Funnelkit Go Club Which  proven conversion template all i need is just change the text and image with click , drag and drop method. this landing pages software have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. you can purchase the software here Funnelkit Go Developer License & Funnelkit Go Club.

Email Autoresponder Service

Getresponse is the recommendation and i’m using it right now. since i don’t need to pay in 1 years commitment in front. it can automated my business by sending them Newsletter / Autoresponder to my list. you can try 30 Days Free Trial as well and if you think Getresponse it’s not suitable for your business you can look for the alternate in here Affiliate tools

Link Tracking Service

My Link Tracking service use ClickMeter, i start with smallest package which is only 5000 events/month, and i used 5000 events Package all used up only in 3 days. ClickMeter does really help to track my campaign. for the next month i need to do an upgrade for higher package to be able tracking for more events. and they provide FREE 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. i do have my money back guarantee after 30 days to try out but i still continue using their services. signup ClickMeter.

Ezines Directory

For my investment in Lead Generation and sales i’m investing in Ezines Directory i’m using Directory of Ezines from charlie page.  This is one of the powerful resources that you can get traffic to generate as a sales. since it’s already targeted Market it’s easy to promote your products in that directory, you want to promote something about family, business opportunities, weight loss products or anything.  Directory of Ezines have a list where you can purchase and promote on it. and if you purchase Directory of Ezines it also have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee if not suitable for you.
for me i purchase this software and will keep it as my investment because i will promote my business in different ways Pay per click (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), Banner Media and promoting in Solo Ads.
I might promote my business in Ezines as Solo Ads / as Sponsor someday. it really converted well if you promote your business using Solo Ads. it’s quickest way by lending people email list to send your offer to them.

Well that’s what happened during January. i hope in February  the results will come in. Beside MOBE (My Online Business Education) i’m attending some internet course by using webinar in next 14 Days to keep improve my knowledge as well. i will update again once i finish the course. Stay tuned ok!