How To Save Money Using Self Hosted Services

How To Save Money Using Self Hosted Services is my Focusing In this month of February 2016 This Articles will show you How To Save Money Using Self Hosted Services. i will start with Self hosted Email Marketing Software, Self hosted Landing Pages and Self Hosted Tracking Software, by using this Self Hosted Services My business in under my control beside that it does really help you to save a lot. this saving you can use it for others purpose, for me i will save it for advertising my business.

How To Save Money by using Self Hosted Email Marketing

Sendy Platform using Bootstrap themes and it’s mobile ready. the Technology Sendy using is you can send email using your own Mailserver or Integrated With Amazon SES.


Sendy will show you How to Save Money in Marketing Software

Sendy it’s being design to have API code connected to your Amazon SES. and yes it’s very cheap as well, just imagine sending 10.000 email that only cost you $1.
if you do a math calculation for Mailchimp sending 10.000 emails is cost you $200, Campaign Monitor for 10.000 emails cost is $105 but for Sendy using Amazon SES it’s only cost you $1. here what if you send 500.000 emails

How To Save Money using Self Hosted Services

You will saved $4,952.50 

How To Save Money Using Self Hosted Services Email Marketing  will help you save your money and you can use the money to advertise your product. i’m ready for the big. Sendy Software cost It’s only one time charges $59 that’s it.and you have this software install in 1 domain. They provide step by step how you can connect this software to your Amazon SES, i totally dont know about Amazon SES but now i can successfully integrate Sendy with Amazon SES. Get your Sendy Here.

How to Save Money By Using Self Hosted Landing Pages/Squeeze Page

Landing Pages is a essential things for your business. with this Landing pages you can capture your Email List. there a lot of Landing Pages Software that famous but charging a monthly/yearly recurring in your credit card.

FunnelKitGO is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create insanely well converting marketing pages in a matter of minutes.


FunnelkitGo Developer License allow you to use For Unlimited Domain for only $47.47 for one time payment only. with this program it will show you How To Save Money Bu Using Your own Squeeze Pages Services.
Here is what you got for Developer License Features :
– Unlimited Domain License.
– Unlimited Visitors.
– Unlimited Pages.
– Mobile Responsive Pages.
– Drag And Drop Editor.
– Full Control Of Pages.
– GEO Variables In Pages.
– GEO Background Pages.
– Unblockable Exit Popups.
– Smart Webform Editor.
– Use On Unlimited Client Sites.
– You Can Include It With Flipped Sites.
– Sell “Done-For-You” Pages And Funnels.
and for FunnelkitGo Club it’s their 25 Squeeze Page Templates which converting very well and i personally use it as well it’s cost you $47 all is one time payment only.

Funnelkit provide some Internet Training for their member
– Video Training #1: “Traffic Black Ops”
– Video Training #2: “Metrix Academy”
– Video Training #3: “WordPress Kickstart Kit”
– Video Training #4: “Autoresponder Virtuoso”

Since it’s a Self Hosted Landing Page/Squeeze Page it’s totally worth for it. This Software will help you to growth your email list by using Drag and Drop method to build your landing page start from scratch or you can use their ready template FunnelKit Club it’s convert Over 62.5%. all is using one time payment only. FunnelKit Club it’s available for payment once you already have FunnelKitGo


FunnelKitGO – How To Save Money Using Self Hosted Services Landing Pages

How to Save Money By Using Self Hosted Tracking

For Tracking Software Platform i’m using AdTrackzgold it’s simple compare with ClickMeter. to tell you the truth I’m very happy to use Clickmeter it’s all i need if I wanted everything is being taking care by the expert.

The reason i’m changing to my own is just because i wanted everything under my own control and i’m used up clickmeter credit ($19/mo) only by 3 Days. i need to scaling my traffic with unlimited without any cost involved. but if cost doesn’t matter to you and you want everything take care by the expert and concentrate to your business ClickMeter is the choice of Tracking Software

There is one more useful tool for those who prefer to control their activities. You can manage your Google My Business properties | GMB Manager using special platform developed by Local Viking company.

AdTrackzgold it’s not as rich feature compare with clickmeter including the display of the web. but it’s sufficient to me to generate income in clickbank and other affiliate website as well. With This Software I dont need to worry about the cost and the credit. I’m allow to install this software to unlimited domain.

with my own method i only need to install one time in 1 single domain at but it can accessible to unlimited domain. meaning all is being centralize and easy to manage. here is the step that what i did and it didn’t in the manual of that AdTrackZGold.

First i upload the Software AdTrackZGold to my domain, since it has functionality to Cloak the Link and i just need to host in this domain and if i have another website, i would like my tracking link under and it can be done by using DNS CNAME Method.

Here is the step :

  1. You need to create subdomain in your and pointing to the directory of AdTrackZGold say you name the Directory as ‘Track’ so you will create
  2. Create Subdomain in but pointing to same directory in you can name it ‘Track’ as well in but choose the directory to be the same location and this method only work if and is host under same hosting
  3. For Create A record for ‘Track’ to
  4. For Create CNAME record for ‘Track’ pointing to

and once done you can access this Tracking Software by using / /, etc. and only need to do in single installation. it’s easy to control all is being centralize in 1 single installation and this method will save my server resources. once you CNAME the domain it can increase your website SEO ranking and the credential level for this domain since the link is still came from the same domain name.

Well Don’t worry if you don’t understand of what i’m talking with the price $77 one time payment you can install to unlimited Domains as well, this is how you can How To Save Money Using Your own Self Hosted Services Tracking Software so you just need to do more works if you don’t know about CNAME and DNS method,  Free Installation provided from Adtrackzgold. Get your Copy of AdTrackzGold Now

With this 2 Self Hosted Software in place I’m very happy that i’m in Control for my business all is own and host in my server and it can Save Tons of Money Using Self Hosted Services. you only can host this own software if you have your own hosting. this is the different level is you want everything by your own without depend on other terms and conditions. of course i’m following the law and apply for my business.I hope this articles for How To Save Money Using Self Hosted Services will help you. if you want to run your business by hosting your own platform you can follow this Article Create Website Landing Page part 1.