Create Website

There are various way how to make money online,you can create website for your own product and selling online or selling other people products without any website or you still have website. this below articles blogs is written to guide people who want to start their make money online programs with their choice is having a create website for your landing page. 

Why Do You Need A Website?

create website

if you can make money without create website why do you need to have website? yes that must everyone thought of it. for having website you can build your own Landing Pages or sales pages without any limitation. and with that Landing Pages you can generate Leads to promoting your another products. in there. so it will have unlimited offer until the person is opt-out from your email mailing list. so that’s the advantages part of having your own website. in my next session i will write more details for what you need to creating of Landing Pages, you can continue read below is you want to having your own website with/without Managed services. Once you have your own website you can drive traffic to your website.


This is Essential part, you need to have domain. people will look for your website by remembering your domain. you can start with short and easy remember domain. and beside that it will effected your SEO rank if you want promoting your product using SEO method.

I start from buy domain name to promote my landing page, you can find everywhere the domain is cheap around $9 – $15 /year. some of company they give promotion for first year.
you can start with HostGator if you still dont have any domain.

My own Domain Investment cost : $12.95 /Year use Hostgator


I Own VPS in Digital Ocean since it’s cheaper than having in Hostgator.
Hostgator VPS is all being managed by their support (if choose snappy 1000 above) this will reduce your headache problems.

for me i use Digital Ocean all i must do it by my own yup, i wasting a lot of time building my system, I installed the system with CentOS and once the system up i update the system and patching here and there… use the control panel all bla bla bla… all i can say i can build small hosting company from this VPS it really takes time to build up. this will only recommend for people who have IT background, seriously you dont want save your money and waste all your time only doing this things. the alternative for you that don’t have IT background and want to use VPS, you can hired people to do it for you at Fiverr

for internet marketer who just wanted to start their marketing and earn money you can consider just use hosted solutions rather own the VPS . when you used hosted solutions please avoid shared hosting since your website suddenly can have downtime. you can choose cloud solutions on this.

Using VPS

VPS is stand for Virtual Private Server, this entirely server system and the hosting system is only reserve by you, you wont share any hosting. diskspace or resources to other people. My investment in this VPS it really cheap , but i must do all by myself. it will cost my time to setup. so i would advise you choose VPS that include managed support and control panel as well.

VPS with Unmanaged support

if you don’t mind to sacrificed your time and have expertise in here you can try Digital Ocean with small investment $5 /month only you can have 1 Server in VPS
don’t expect too much for this performance. you can try to host 1-3 website with small traffic to your server. once it already have medium/high traffic you can consider to scale the server to higher performance.
i start with $10 /Month in Digital Ocean since i have a few website hosted in that Server. Digital Ocean they don’t provide VPS with Managed Support. they only support for their hardware infrastructure meanwhile for software you must taking care of yourself including the System OS.

VPS with Managed Support

I Can Recommend you to choose Hostgator with snappy 1000 and above package. all is being taking care by their support if you need any help. this plan came with Control Panel with first Month membership price is $33.97/month and for their recurring month cost $49.95/month. with this package if you need anything just go to Live Chat / Email to the support and they will help you for your request.

My own VPS Investment cost : $10 /Month use VPS with unmanaged support from Digital Ocean

For decision VPS Managed / Unmanaged support  is back to your strategy. both of this method it will work to deliver you a website. share to me which one that is most preferable for you in this comment below. Next Part i will write CMS system for your website to manage your website content by using wordpress