There are many ways to make money online for the beginner, I will summarize into 12 easy ways that you can start. it’s not getting quick rich scheme. it needs some effort and time consuming to make it happen and some learning progress. Some category requires some skill set. Choose which one is suitable for you. first of all, if you want a get quick rich scheme or MLM then this article it’s not suitable for you. Below are 12 Ways To Make Money Online for Beginner that you can start Make Money Online.

12 Ways To Make Money Online for Beginner

  • 1. Web Design & Web Hosting Business

    Category: Website
    Budget : $$
    Recommendation : WPEngine
    The other method for earning recurring income is by running Web Hosting Business. you can try to provide services creating a website service and host it. or host customer website and just maintain the website must be up and online. or you can help your customer by creating a website and hosting service which you can bundle it with monthly services.

    For the creation of the website, you can use WPEngine it’s very reliable for hosting the website using WordPress platform.
    with WPEngine and additional themes and plugins you can create company portfolio, blogs, news, forum
    For Template you can download it online or follow this guide to get cheap website templates.

  • 2. Rent Your Website

    Category: Website
    Budget : $$$
    Recommendation : SEMRUSH & WPEngine

    If you good in website optimization and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), having a good domain and you get a lot of visitor in some golden keyword, somehow the visitors have potentially become a buyer. you want to keep that website and domain as your assets. you can create another website with special niche and tweak the website to be the first page of search engine. then you can find a customer which in this industry, negotiate with them for the price renting this website position with the keyword. The dividend between you and the customer is depending on the agreement, you can charge your customer as monthly rental of this website plus the percentage of every sale. to find the best keyword and best website system you need software tools SEMRUSH and WPEngine as your Website platform.
    Find a potential keyword is very important, you need to know what is market needed. with SEMRUSH you can get all of this information what is people looking in google. what are they purchase the ads and how much does it cost for showing ads in some country and what is the level difficulties you can rank this keyword everything is complete here. this is the essential ways to make money online tools that you must have.
    The differences between this business compare with Web Hosting Business is the skill. you need to be more skill in SEO and has been proven if you want to run Website Rental Services, meanwhile web hosting business you just provide the hosting services.

  •  3. Sell Online Photos

    Category: Photography
    Budget : $
    Recommendation: Deposit Photo

    Like Selfie or taking photography? then you can try to sell your photography picture.
    there are a lot of marketplace selling online photo in my recommendation only Deposit Photo if you want to know more you can download this
    Free Ebook as guidelines how to start to sell online photos and you need a good camera that uses Digital Camera. if you don’t one or you need to upgrade get Your Best Digital Camera Here it might still on Sale.
    once you have the Digital Camera and for requirement became a seller in Deposit Photo you need to take some photos and submit your work to Deposit Photo and don’t forget to read their terms and conditions which photo that allow selling.

  • 4. Make Money Online Surveys

    Category: Survey
    Budget : $
    Recommendation: TakeSurveyForCash

    Surveys can make you some little bucks. yes, it can make money online. but for me personally this category does not suit me since to fill up some questionnaire form it will take 5 – 10 minutes
    I have no comment on this since I haven’t tried. but there are some people do this surveys as their side income and living proof, you can check on my recommendation link.
    give it a try and let me know the results if this fits your ways To Make Money Online.

  •  5. Write Article Content/Blogger

    Category: Writer
    Budget : $
    Recommendation: SpinRewriter & PLR Content
    if you like to write then you might want to consider writing an article and sell it.
    you can find in some marketplace what is the needs of your customer and you just write the topic and content for them.
    to write from scratch it’s very tiring. but you are not allowed to copy and paste the content from others.
    you need to write some unique content that nobody ever wrote or similar with your content then you don’t have the copyright issue.
    to check duplicate content you can go to
    it’s better to start with using PLR content and spin it
    PLR content is the content that already exists and all you need is just to edit it until you pass the plagiarism in site
    once you have PLR Content you can spin the content by using SpinRewriter
    it will help you to spin the PLR content became unique content. Try to use this SpinRewriter last time I check it still has Free Trial for 5 Days.
    And You can get this writer jobs in and apply as writers.

  •  6. Freelance

    Category: Any
    Budget : $
    Recommendation : Fiverr / Upwork

    If you have some good skill in your area. you can try to provide services online as Freelance by using Fiverr / Upwork.  Fiverr you can start with $5 range upward. meanwhile, for Upwork you can sell with a higher price.
    usually in this kind of area you need to have good testimonial and portfolio once you have the trust. the audience or customer will willing to spend the money and use your services. you can build your portfolio by selling services in Fiverr.

  • 7. Online Tutor

    Category: Coaching
    Budget : $
    Recommendation: Udemy

    If you are good in front of camera try producing series of video as online coaching. you can coach about life, motivation, learn a language, internet marketing, fitness or anything that you are good in this skill set area. to start coaching you need to have a good video camera.
    for the advance, you can create your own website and set your own price in there.

  • 8. Mobile Apps

    Category: Apps
    Budget : $$
    Recommendation: Appypie

    Mobile Apps is booming and you can see the trends that most of small business and company starting to create their apps and upload it to Android Apps/IOS Apps
    Your apps you can set some price below $1 or FREE. usually, free apps will make income from in-apps purchase or show advertisement from google Adsense
    You can create from the scratch by learning this mobile programming language. or you can use 3rd party solutions that provide drag and drop to create your apps easily
    Create Your Mobile App & Launch on App Stores in No Time. It's Easy & Free! Push Notifications, App Analytics & More.

    with Appypie you can create Apps and Gaming Apps with white label solutions.
    my advice is you can try platinum since it has the ability to white label your apps with No Ads display from
    if there is Ads showing like FREE Apps there is no point since you will help the company gain money from showing apps. the money from advertisement will not divide to you.
    so select the solutions that have “No Ads” go for minimum Gold since you have the ability to create apps for IOS and Android. for the full feature Subscribe to their Platinum Plan.
    Try 30 days with Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the plan.

  • 9. VBlogger/Blogger

    Category: Video
    Budget : $
    Recommendation: Google Adsense

    You can earn by producing some Video Blog or write a blog and use google Adsense as an income stream to show advertisement of the product.
    Usually, Product Review and “How To” Video make a lot of money.
    Another way to make money online is to optimize the content is to join Affiliate Program with the product and put the link in the content. in this method, you will gain two income stream.
    The people who purchase your product and from showing Advertisement from Google Adsense.
    You can start by using Youtube since it’s free. follow the guidelines and read the terms and conditions. remember to follow the rules before getting ban.

  • 10. Sell eBook

    Category: Advertiser, Internet Marketing
    Budget : $$$$
    Recommendation: Amazon Kindle, Clickbank, JVZoo

    This category needs skill in internet marketing. it’s not for everyone it’s better you have some internet marketing skillset to promote your products.
    if you can create an ebook you can be a creator-owner of digital products. you don’t need to create the content by your own.
    you can hire a specialist to design your cover book, hired a ghostwriter to write the content for you and correction of the grammar all can be done.
    you can look for the services in Freelance Services.Once you had an ebook you can set your own price and target the market and build some email list.
    the email list is to know which is your potential customer or prospect so they can have repetition order or upsell for your products.

    once your product ready you can advertise in Clickbank or JVZoo to attract affiliate selling your products. beside ebook, you need to provide sales pages, email marketing, a banner for your affiliates to marketing your product.
    I didn’t specific the detail of internet marketing here. if you want to know more about internet marketing remember to follow us and read in Internet Marketing Section. we will share more detail about this.

  • 11. Affiliate Program

    Category: Publisher
    Budget : $
    Recommendation: Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo

    You can be a publisher and publish what is author being produced if digital. and for something physical you can try to join amazon affiliate program and sell anything physical product to your customer.
    publisher don’t need to own any product. they are just a middleman between advertiser and customer.
    my advice is you be more specific and targeted niche. you can just be a seller of one category. Example: Sell Tshirts Only, Sell Digital Camera, Sell Computer.
    Do not put all the items into one store that not related each other. your customer will be confused about this and you will lose authority.
    If you only sold only 1 category on the website, you will have more authority since the audience will felt you are specialist or expert in this area.
    if you need to sell another category it’s better to have another website, You can check on Clickbank for digital products.
    Affiliate Program is considered easy ways to make money online if you have learned some internet marketing skill, lastly the most important and challenge for making money in this category is website traffic.

  • 12. Drop Ship

    Category: E-commerce
    Budget : $$
    Recommendation: Shopify

    One of easiest ways to make money online is being a Drop Ship Seller You don’t need to invest some products in the inventory. but you need invest in the platform or the system. and most importance things is to make your website trust and confidence.
    Shopify as an online store or e-commerce store solutions, provide all in one solution for your e-commerce and Drop Ship Solutions you can offer the services using Shopify to service your customer.
    it’s suitable for creating drop ship method or direct sell using this Shopify platform.
    once you had Shopify you need to install additional plugins Oberlo.
    Oberlo is will integrate your online store with the seller from including the tracking and auto fulfillment process so you just need to concentrate on making promotion and bring the customer to your website. There is no doubt Oberlo is the best drop shipping solution for Shopify.
    some of the methods for promotion is using facebook ads and targeted to the specific customer that show interest in the product that you sell.


in conclusion, there is still have Many Ways To Make Money Online. this Article I cannot write in one article to share all the things. in above article is just for 12 Ways To Make Money Online for Beginner but it will enough once you an expert in 1 area. you just need to have 1 area all you need is focusing in your area and being consistency.
System and Business ideas are important but the most important things is generating sales. it’s better to learn some internet marketing skill to learn how you marketing your website and bring a potential customer to your site.
success doesn’t make in 1 day it will need consistency and patience. if you have any thought I would like to hear from you what is your best Ways To Make Money Online let me know by commenting this article below, like what you read?  kindly Like & Share this post.