SEO is one of the factors to improve the ranking of a Website. In addition to your SEO can do the trick below to increase your website ranking.

You may have already asked the question how do I get a lot of visitors to your Online store/website? well you certainly would have loved to add as many visitors to your website. the more visitors means more chance you earn income
revenue from the course website can be from various sources could be from selling physical goods or Digital or put up Advertisement for more information consult the Online business opportunities.

Traffic to your Website certainly played an important role getting the large number of visitors to your website then your website ranking increases
One of the factors for meningkatakan website ranking can be done on your website is to do your Search Engine Optimization optimization or known as SEO
If your SEO is getting good value from the pace website, article, backlink, pagerank, keywords, content, and structure is much more determined by alogoritma google.
alogoritma google increasingly has increased from year to year.

the author will not be discussed in this article 1 in detail will be in writing, in the article time is only discussed in the form of High Level and
discussion of SEO was complex and will be divided in several articles. don't forget to Like Facebook Store Website to follow our new article.

SEO will be discussed here is very basic with talk about Website ranking by using the method of Organic Search in other words. 😀
FREE is not always good, it's Free and easy to obtain quality and lead time will be sacrificed.
Attention!!! SEO on organic search will not result in effects directly, it all depends on your ability, your articles and alogoritma on search engines.
We start the discussion that needs to be done to improve the ranking of your Website


SEO-Search engine optimization

1. Contents Of The Website.

The title of the play an important role. because google can only display the title and description in some characters in the search engines. then you need to make sure element "keyword" is in the title.
It's good article content focus only 1 to 1 keyword only. If you need to optimize 10 keyword then you need to make 10 articles.

    • The content of the Website there are many factors in this content could be just as outbound and inbound links in the content of the websites it will increase website ranking.
    • Otbound links/external link can be either your content links to websites of others with topics that have the same topic/relationships so that search engines will see your content is worth to raised its ranking. It could just be Yes website like to use your article.
      then the website ranking will rise dikarekan websites like already had a good authority and is the largest Indonesian traffic 10
    • Internal links/inbound links can be linked to the content of the website itself. for example the website < playfulness. then I link right to this page due to still being in 1 domain then it is said to be internal links
    • Other factors there are still many more other factors such as the usage of Bold deh, Anchor links on the other time I will discuss in detail

Content written to your website a good idea you don't use copy paste from someone else's website. This will affect your website ranking.
Therefore it is recommended you keep using content that is fresh, if you are using the english language website and do not know how to write content can use the tools.
Free Download this PDF and read how its use could be proficient you'll generate english content.

2. Wear WordPress

WordPress is currently free. It is recommended you use this platform to manage your website when it is in the interest of blogs as well as websites portfolio.
because many users of the wordpress community already provides a plugin to add functional from the website you can check in directly at the website and have a website follow these belom here for how to create a website.

3. Using WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO
It is recommended to install the SEO Yoast. one of the plugins SEO for wordpress SEO plugin. available premium and free. You can download instantly for free. the author uses the free version and would've been nice, of course, that premium has better function again.
By using this plugin, Yoast SEO can recommend to us the use of a number of characters keyword in the content of your website. and you can directly edit a snippet or a brief display of Search engines as the title and description of your website. In addition this plugin can enable page creation sitemap for disubmit to the search engine that you can use to submit at Google Webmaster Tools.

W3 Total Cache
W3 total cache will help save website content into the cache so that menggurangi the number of server load and loading speed on the website can be fast.
the existence of this cache music surely you need to perform cleanup on this cache manually if you want to make a change on the website.

Jetpack has a myriad of capabilities such as at (paid version). the unique thing with install 1 this plugin you can connect to and enable many functional in it such as generate sitemap post, share, and more.

4. Using A Responsive Website

Select the Templates that support Responsive, meaning that it can be used for the mobile version. nowadays people are more mobile and tablet holds at any time rather than being in front of the computer. you don't want your website appearance does not support mobile. If it does not support mobile visitors have trouble opening your content. I can merkomendasi to read this article for Website templates

5. Add Backlink

Share your content to other websites or forums forums. like youtube, kaskus and other.
well there's also want fast whether it could do a backlink Exchange or link exchange with my website rankingnya. Some are free some are paid for. well.. must research well first Yes before you buy backlinks …

Share to Social Media
The content you need to use a little extra social media techniques. currently like on the website nor a follower on your website can affect ranking on a website.
It is recommended to use this plugin … …
with this plugin your content will be automatically shared to various social media like Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest and much more.

When a Website is Spam doing backlink to your website will experience a decrease in your search ranking. so be careful Yes.

6. Share Bookmarks Website

This is one of the important factors as well. If you already have a new article it's good you share bookmarks from the article with the help of Automation Bookmark Share so you need not repot2 share bookmarks. with just 1 click then the bookmarks you have already spread across 45 + website. I can strongly recommend the OnlyWire & SocialMarker is a great option for you.

7. Using Ping

Pingomatic one free website which will inform various search engines are there so that your articles more quickly diindex on search engines.

8. Mengkompress your Website

You could just speed up your website so that the website be fast loading. search engines don't like websites that old loadingnya.
the sooner the better. You can dynamically compressing HTML, CSS and Javascript you. by using this website Minifycode

9. Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

using a CDN will accelerate the deployment of your website because your content will be in sync to multiple servers or in other countries.
This will give a good effect. especially you use hosting in indonesia but the target marketnya in the US. When not using CDN US site visitors will wait a long time because your data are in indonesia.
but by using a CDN will be active SYNC to server2. It is recommended to use KeyCDN.

10. Reviewing the speed and Optimization of your website.

The tools below to check how fast your website
Pagespeed Insights

11. Use Google Webmasters to monitor your website.

To process your next monitor keyword rankings you can just by using Google Webmaster Tools for free. of course you need to register first and then submit your sitemap when you use submit your sitemap SEO Yoast here and you need to wait a few days/weeks to wait for more data from google.

12. Use a structure that follows the rules of Google

Google is the biggest player in the search engine. inevitably you must follow the rules of the game.
over the years Google has always been revising and updating alogoritmanya …
Examples of new rules now you need to wear a website already wear Website that can support in mobile as Responsive.
If not it will give an assessment to your SEO.

Well so this time I can share 12 tricks to improve your SEO and Website ranking
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